First Class Colocation At Low Rates

Why Colocation?

Colocation provides an economical option to individuals and small businesses who want to maintain a high-traffic website without the hassels of paying for the additional bandwidth required to manage such a site. Colocation allows a company to store all of its sensitive web pages and downloadable information onto a server. The server is then mounted and maintained at an off-site colocation provider. One of the first things to consider when researching colocation is the location of the facility, which should be strategically placed to allow for the best possible Internet connectivity.

These state-of-the-art colocation facilities house a company's server, which is usually hand delivered. Companies may choose to colocate almost anything Internet related, including web sites, VOIP, streaming Internet radio, and IPTV, to name a few. A company's server is typically installed in a locked cabinet (an important feature to look for when selecting a colocation provider) and from that point on bandwidth is shared with the data center, helping the company avoid charges normally associated with high bandwidth usage.


Cost Effective Colocation Solutions

How Does Colocation Work?

Once the server has been relocated, the colocation provider should maintain it using redundant UPS and prime source type generator-backed electrical power, redundant A/C systems, 24/7 onsite technical support, and 24/7 physical security. Such features of colocation are advantageous to small businesses, allowing for peace of mind that business can continue despite any outside factors. Colocation can be one of the best investments for a company when considering that each server is housed in a highly secured, technically maintained, specially cooled environment around the clock, with an advanced colocation staff that will strive to satisfy all of a company's technical needs.

The best network colocation can offer, and a small business should seek, is a worldwide Tier 1 International fully redundant OC192 backbone with additional 10 GigE network connections to hundreds of other Internet networks. Another ideal colocation feature to look for is a remote hands service offered free of charge. Finding a colocation provider who offers this service free can almost guarantee faster, more responsive, around-the-clock technical service personnel as well. When seeking a provider, a company should be careful of unnecessary monthly fees like cross connects, IP addresses, and power. Financial stability and longevity of the colocation provider can help ensure better pricing and overall technical security.