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Colocation Center

A colocation center can be whatever you want it to be. You can keep it simple and only house your server, which contains all your most precious technology-based information. The server can be simple, with minimal power needs, minimal backup needs, and minimal maintenance needs. Then, as your needs change, the colocation center can become an even bigger powerhouse to you. You can upgrade to a higher bandwidth, add more cross connects, which you should be able to find free of charge, and add on more interactive services.

There are many unconventional services that a company might find useful with a colocation center. With the advent of new technology such as VOIP, IP Telephony, IPTV, and Streaming Video, the need for faster downloads and connectivity has grown. Because most colocation centers have access to super fast connections and plenty of bandwidth, they are a perfect choice for a company who wants to include IPTV or streaming video on their website. Below are some things to consider when selecting a colocation center for these particular services.


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Colocation Center: Streaming Video Services

Like IPTV, streaming video has changed the way people use the Internet. Also like IPTV, streaming video requires a fast connection and high bandwidth. It is important to check the location of the colocation center to ensure that it has the backbone and redundancy necessary to support such a service. A strategically placed colocation center will have access to thousands of major Internet backbones. Ideally the colocation center should have a worldwide Tier 1 International fully redundant OC192 backbone with additional 10 GigE network connections to hundreds of other Internet networks. This type of worldwide connection capability will help ensure top quality streaming video service.

Here’s a list of questions to keep in mind when selecting a colocation center to provide for your IPTV and streaming video needs:

  • Does the colocation center have access to uninterrupted bandwidth?

  • What is the colocation center’s Internet network connection size?

  • Does the colocation center have highly scalable, super fast connections to the top Internet backbones?

  • Is there redundant UPS and Prime Source type generator backed electrical power at the colocation center?

  • Is there redundant A/C systems strategically placed throughout the colocation center?

  • Does the colocation center have 24/7 on-site technical support and physical security?

All of these factors play an important role in how reliable your IPTV and streaming video services will be overall. After all, it is only reasonable to conclude that having an uninterrupted, high speed network connection in combination with a reliable energy source and technical support will create an almost perfect environment in which to host your IPTV services. A high-class, state-of-the-art colocation center can provide all this.