First Class Colocation Facility At Low Rates

One of the most important features to look for in a colocation facility is Internet bandwidth. Without bandwidth, the web and website would be virtually obsolete. It is the backbone of the Internet. Just as cars have become more efficient machines since they were invented that take us from point A to point B in less time, so the Internet has become a more efficient tool as access to Internet bandwidth has grown.

In short, Internet bandwidth is the transmission speed or throughput of a company’s connection to the Internet. It can be compared to a river of water. The wider the river, the more water can flow through it at once. The Internet is made of up a network of networks, connected to major points on a worldwide grid enabling traffic to reach its destination. A colocation facility’s ability to provide a high level of bandwidth is determined by their network connections.  If strategically placed, a colocation facility can offer some of the fastest connections available because of their access to hundreds of Internet networks.

How Can a Colocation Facility Help?

When a company houses their own server on-site, they will have access to limited resources. Sure they will be able to put their website on the Internet highway and cruise along for awhile, but like any highway, the Internet is notorious for traffic jams. Thousands of websites are attempting to use the same road to take them to their destination. Eventually, it slows down and there is nothing to do but wait. 

The good news is there is a toll road. A colocation facility gives a company access to large amounts of bandwidth with super fast connections that it could never acquire on its own. This gives a company the ability to maintain a high traffic website for a fraction of the price that it would pay were it to host its own server in-house. Like a toll road, there are fees involved, but the overall savings is immeasurable.  Imagine your website cruising along at high speeds, taking your visitors anywhere they want to go in seconds, while all the other in-house traffic sits on the same old highway of low bandwidth.  Buy a toll tag and get going!


Cost Effective Colocation Facility Solutions

Colocation Facility: How Much Bandwidth?

Before selecting a colocation facility plan, it’s important to carefully evaluate how much Internet bandwidth your company requires. Since most colocation facilities charge on a monthly basis, needs should be evaluated based on this. Here are a few things to consider about your company’s Internet usage before deciding how much bandwidth to acquire with a colocation facility.

  • Calculate your average daily visitor count

  • How many pages do you expect your visitor’s to view?

  • Determine your average daily download expectancy

  • Consider your average page size and downloadable file size

  • Include a fudge factor of about 50 percent

These important calculations will help your company make the most of all that a colocation facility has to offer. Remember that it’s all about the total package a colocation facility is presenting, rather than just one factor. Just as anything changes, so will your bandwidth needs. As IPTV, streaming video, and VOIP services become more accessible and expected, companies will begin to offer these services to their customers.  A colocation facility is the perfect place to bundle all of these services together both now and in the future.