First Class Colocation Service At Low Rates

Premium Colocation Service Offerings

Not all colocation service packages are created equal. That’s why it’s important to be selective and take note of the things you really need, then compare to the colocation service packages offered. All premium colocation service providers should offer the following items, or similar, as part of a standard package.  Anything less is below average.

Premium Colocation Service Items

  • UPS and Prime Source generator backed power
  • Worldwide Tier 1 International fully redundant OC192 backbone
  • 10 GigE network connections to hundreds of other Internet networks
  • Redundant A/C systems
  • 24/7 on-site technical support and physical security
  • Colocation service provider stability and longevity of service
  • Video surveillance
  • Key card access
  • On-site hardware maintenance service
  • Secure, individual locking cabinets
  • Roof access


Cost Effective Colocation Service Solutions

Enhanced Colocation Service Package

With all these things in mind, it’s easy to eliminate the average colocation service providers from the premium ones. In addition to a collocated server, be aware of any extras you require with your colocation service package. Many companies are now offering things like IPTV and streaming video services. These are considered extra services that will require more bandwidth, power, and maintenance. Knowing your needs is important when you begin to add colocation service items to your package.

Enhanced Colocation Service Items

  • VOIP and IP Telephony
  • IPTV and streaming video
  • Website Hosting
  • Traffic Graphing and Network Status Updates