First Class Data Center Colocation At Low Rates

Data center colocation services are a smart choice for small companies who wish to expound upon the breadth of Internet bandwidth data center colocation offers. There are many things to consider when selecting a center. It is not too much to ask every question one can come up with when researching data center colocation. For example, is there a data backup service in place? What about power backups? What kind of cross connects are offered for VOIP services? How much will it cost? All these are legitimate and important questions to ask your data center colocation provider.

Data Center Colocation: Data Backup Service

Because most data center colocation facilities offer 24/7 on-site technical support and physical security, redundant UPS and Prime Source type of generator backed electrical power, and redundant A/C systems you can rest assured your server is safe and well maintained at all times. However, it is important to have another method of backing up precious data. Here are a few ideas for locating a reliable backup method with your data center colocation provider.

The most common method for data backup is to install a second hard drive in the data center colocation server and set the operating system to copy the first hard drive everyday. Another option is to mount a second server in the rack at the data center colocation facility and make a mirror copy of the primary server. There are also companies that specialize in data backup services who charge a fee. In addition, there are free online backup services offered, but it is best to be leery of quality when researching such a company. No matter the route you choose, it is wise to have such a system in place outside the security already offered at data center colocation facility.

Here is a simple list to remind you of your backup options in addition to the premium services data center colocation can offer:

  • Primary Server --> Secondary Backup Hard Drive in cabinet --> Daily Backup from primary to secondary

  • Primary Server --> Secondary Server mounted in cabinet --> Continuous Mirror Copy of primary

  • Primary Server --> Data Protection Company --> Full Daily Backup held off-site

  • Primary Server --> Online Backup Service --> Daily Backup held online


Cost Effective Data Center Colocation Solutions

Data Center Colocation: VOIP Services

Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) is a service that can be offered with data center colocation in which a company has phone capability through the Internet. This service can reduce costs for a company by routing phone calls over existing data networks, helping avoid duplicate network systems. Communication is an essential part of business.  A company must stay in touch with customers, employees, partners, and vendors. Because a lot of business is conducted internationally, long-distance and intercontinental phone calls can quickly drive costs up. With VOIP and IP Telephony services, the high cost of long-distance services is virtually eliminated.

This service makes sense with data center colocation because of the many redundant network connections a data center typically offers. VOIP requires a fast, reliable connection to have the highest quality possible. Only a data center colocation provider can offer such a service at a reasonable cost. Think about it, just as you don’t want your website data to be compromised, you wouldn’t want this technology to be in jeopardy either. Data center colocation offers a safe environment that will protect your VOIP technology, your sensitive data, restrict access to the data, and help you avoid potential threats to its stability.

In addition, it helps to choose a colocation center that uses Intelligent Routing. This method of routing communications traffic includes receiving incoming communications traffic at a switch or server of an originating service provider and routing it to the most appropriate agent. When seeking a service such as VOIP in addition to Internet bandwidth, try to find a data center colocation facility that offers free cross connects. VOIP services will most likely require cross connects, and this can get expensive if such a service isn’t free. Review the package being offered and try to get Internet bandwidth and phone services bundled.  Be sure that the data center colocation provider is able to offer you the VOIP client of your choice. The last thing you want is to choice a provider who is committed to offering only one service package for VOIP.  A neutral data center colocation facility is in your best interest.