First Class Dedicated Server At Low Rates

Every company has different server management needs. That is why dedicated server services are another option for off-site server management. A dedicated server for web hosting, email, DNS, and FTP accounts can work similarly to a collocated server service. However, there are discreet differences that must be evaluated before making the decision to employee the use of a dedicated server over a collocated server service. Here are a few questions to start the evaluation process:

  • How important is it that your company own its server?
  • How quickly will your Internet and bandwidth needs grow?
  • Are you prepared to stay with a provider for the long-term?
  • What is your budget?


Cost Effective Dedicated Server Solutions

  • Dedicated Server vs. Collocated Server

    A dedicated server, which can be managed or non-managed, is when a server and the hardware and software on that server are leased to a company and housed in a data center. There are several reasons why a company may choose to lease a dedicated server, including more technical flexibility and freedom than a shared server service typically offers. With a dedicated server, a company can choose the operating system and hardware that best suits their needs. However, some dedicated server companies offer a limited variety of software applications and hardware in comparison to a collocated server service. Dedicated server services tend to be most beneficial to smaller companies whose technical needs, budget, Internet traffic, and growth expectancy merit such a service. A small business may start out on a shared server and move up to a dedicated server and eventually a collocated server as business grows.

    On the flip side, a managed dedicated server may not give a company as much flexibility as does a collocated server service. For starters, there are limited choices in hardware and software applications with a dedicated server. A collocated server service may be a better choice for a company who wishes to own their own server. With a collocated server, a company has more control over the maintenance and operation of their server. This can save money in the long run, especially if a company has the capability to manage the server themselves. And, if they ever choose to move to another facility, they can take their server with them.  With a dedicated server, they must leave all equipment and software behind when they relocate.

    Collocated server services are more cost effective than dedicated server services. Even though there is a greater initial investment by having to purchase a server and the software and hardware for it, the long-term benefits quickly add up. For example, if a company needs root access to their server, they will most likely not be able to have it with a dedicated server service. Also, if a company ever decides to change locations, it would be easy to take their owned server with them to the new facility. This is not so with a leased dedicated server. When considering that both services are housed in a colocation center and subject to the same 24/7 technical management, physical security, and redundant A/C and power backups, it really comes down to needs and budget.
    Dedicated Server Features

    Here is a list of typical offerings for a fully managed dedicated server that are included with standard hosting accounts:

    • Highly efficient web server
    • Climate controlled, state-of-the-art Class A dedicated server facility
    • Access to reliable high speed bandwidth and connection to hundreds of networks to maintain consistent connections
    • Year-round, 24/7 technical staff to monitor and maintain all dedicated servers
    • Top quality, full facility, 24/7 battery back-up and emergency power generators
    • On-site security – including digital surveillance cameras, full security staff, individually locked cabinets, and key card access
    • Dedicated server shell access
    • Cgi-bin
    • mySQL database or similar
    • Unlimited email inboxes
    • Secure SSL directory
    • Access to stats page to keep track of site traffic

    All these features are typically included in a collocated server service package as well.  The difference is cost. So, be sure to ask questions and do research on the short-term and long-term cost before selecting a dedicated server service. Either option will save you hundreds of dollars over a managed in-house server, so either way, you will see the savings add up.