First Class Server Hosting At Low Rates

There are many types of server hosting services available. Some companies choose to host their server in-house using a trained IT staff. Another option is to lease a server and have it managed with a dedicated server service provider. Then, there is server hosting via a colocation data center, an option that boasts a number of benefits. Here’s a list of tips to help you choose which type of server hosting service may be right for you.

  • Server Hosting and Connection Speed – When a company must maintain a high traffic website, it is imperative that they have enough bandwidth to support it. With in-house server management, it is difficult to obtain enough bandwidth to run a server smoothly. Dedicated servers offer more bandwidth, but do not give clients as many other benefits needed to maintain such a website. With a server hosting facility, a reliable, fast connection is easy to come by.  In addition, the best server hosting offers a worldwide Tier 1 International fully redundant OC192 backbone with additional 10 GigE network connections to hundreds of other Internet networks. This will ensure continuous service.

  • Server Hosting and Cost – When thinking about which server hosting service is right for your company, there are many cost factors to consider. With in-house hosting, the costs will include a high quality, reliable server, a paid staff of trained IT professionals to manage the server, any software and software updates that are necessary, Internet bandwidth, the cost to cool the server and server surroundings, and the cost to house the server. These costs alone can add up to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

    With a dedicated server hosting service, the cost can be lower than an in-house server because there is no staff to pay and train, and no cooling costs, per say. The problem with this option is more about the fact that you are limited in the servers available and the software and hardware to manage it. Also, if you outgrow this option, you basically start over from scratch by having to then purchase a server and all software and hardware necessary to run it.


Cost Effective Server Hosting Solutions

    With a colocation server hosting service, you own your server and all its software, but you don’t have to pay nearly as much to have it managed, secured, and running smoothly. Most colocation server hosting providers offer packages. And the benefits of using this type off server hosting far outweighs hosting a server in-house. Server hosting facilities offer year-round, 24/7 technical support and physical security. They offer redundant A/C systems, generator-backed power supply, super fast connections with redundant backbone connections to hundreds of other networks, and much more. Not only that, but if you feel the need to change locations, it’s easily done since you own the server.

  • Server Hosting: Remember Your Bottom Line – Each of these three server hosting options will definitely make a mark on your bottom line.  The question is, which one will give you a greater return in the end? If the cost to run your website is greater than the return your site gives you, it may be time to reevaluate your operation costs. With collocated server hosting, you’re getting top quality server hosting services, for rock bottom prices. There’s no staff to hire, little to no limitations on server options, and little maintenance to worry about. You own your server, so there’s no need to worry about changing providers. Collocated server hosting is a smart choice all the way around.